Thursday, 2 July 2015

2016 Presidential Election - The Economic Perspective

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2028 GMT 13/11/2015 Update: The stark choice for the US electorate at the next Presidential election will be between Socialism represented by the US Democrats and Capitalism represented by the US Republicans. The Socialists believe in the central government controlling everything and moving forward at the speed of the slowest. This inevitably means the USA, in common with the UK, will fall further and further behind the leading edge of technology. The Socialists also believe that the central government would provide for everyone until, in an extreme Socialist regime such as Communism, there is no incentive to work hard and produce more.

The Capitalist model assumes the individual takes more responsibility for his/her own life and progresses according his/her own abilities and efforts. The Capitalist model only works if there are equal opportunities for individuals to progress at their own pace. What has gone wrong in the last generation is the opportunity for everyone to progress in society being blocked. We now have deeply entrenched class systems in the UK and the USA, preventing individuals attaining the income their talents deserve. At the highest level in society in the UK and the USA are people who have little talent or ability, but look and sound good on television. However, they never actually say anything memorable or even slightly controversial. They are the masters of monotone platitudes.

What is the answer? The Socialists would say more taxation and more benefits for the poorest in Society, which all sounds very well meaning but it creates a society without ambition who acquiesces into a life on benefits. The Socialists prefer big multinationals, who operate in a bureaucratic manner similar to Socialism and they hate small companies. The Capitalists would say less taxation and more opportunities for people to get off benefits into well paid jobs or to start small businesses. This requires the Capitalists to provide a business friendly environment, especially for innovative start-ups, whilst providing a safety net for the poorest in society. I am a Capitalist by nature and I have taken the rough with the smooth. It was only later in life that I realised the rough parts of my life were been generously provided by my enemies in the Socialist party.

I have not studied the candidates for the US Presidential election in any great deal, but I will turn my mind to it in the forthcoming months. I do not intend endorse any particular candidate, but I prefer to write about general principles which affect both the UK and the USA. It is remarkable how many socioeconomic issues are shared between the UK and the USA. It is almost as if the UK and US Governments were coordinating their news and policy statements. I have a real problem with a Conservative UK Government cooperating as one with a Socialist US Democrat Government. This is taking the so-called Special Relationship into the realms of domination, which I vehemently oppose.

The bottom line of all the above discussion is the UK and the USA cannot continue on their present economic trajectories, because it is leading to higher and higher national debt and lower and lower living standards. We have almost reached the point of no-return in a downward spiral of our joint economies. Therefore, it is clear we cannot pursue Socialist policies in either the UK or the USA and expect any more than a flat-lining economy. If we want to prosper then a drastic change of direction, both politically and economically, is required to reverse the momentum of the upward spiral of national debt and the downward spiral of living standards, in the UK and the USA.

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2332 GMT 13/11/2015 Update: By way of clarification, I use the term private sector to define that part of the economy which is owned by individuals or organisations through a shareholding in large companies or outright ownership of smaller companies. I use the term public sector to refer to that part of the economy which is owned by the government and funded by the taxpayer. This is a standard definition for the private and public sectors. However, I perceive some confusion in the news media about the use of this terminology.

0507 GMT 13/11/2015 Updates: Here is the BBC scaremongering about robots. We experienced the automation revolution in the UK during the 1980s, but the Luddites opposed the use of robots and the UK lost half its manufacturing industry. Those countries who automated their manufacturing increased their employment and prosperity, whilst the exact opposite occurred in the UK. The UK is not going to become overrun by robots, because we have very little industry left to automate. Robots do the boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks, which humans are do not want to undertake. In fact robots excel at the kind of repetitive tasks which humans intensely dislike.

Disinformation from the BBC journalists is merely rabble rousing as they push their distorted, extreme view of life on the UK public, It is unlikely the number of robots in the UK is going to increase dramatically any time in the foreseeable future, because high technology industry, which will be the biggest user of robots, is unlikely to expand in the UK because of the violent opposition the misguided alcohol/drug abusers and the uneducated, whose wild imaginations anticipate streets full of robots. The brutal truth about the UK and especially television is, they have down-skilled their jobs to a level where a robot could replace them. For example, the television news readers in the UK simply read from the teleprompter, whereas the best, multi-skilled news anchors on US television are mostly unscripted and conduct interviews in a freewheeling, impromptu manner, which would seem to be beyond the capabilities of the UKs' television news readers and their interviewees. The managed news in the UK is, by its very nature, highly scripted and their are virtually no ad lib comments.

The interviewees on UK television news appear to be incapable of conducting an interview without it being extensively rehearsed and scripted. Under these conditions of  news management, some would call it news censorship. in the UK, the news broadcasts lack spontaneity and are dull in the extreme. If you dumb-down your job to this extent then you can easily be replaced by are robot. The way to protect yourself from being displaced by a robot is to up-skill your job and show the talented innovation and inventiveness which a robot cannot possibly replace. The problem at BBC television is they have dumbed-down to the lowest possible common denominator so that the audience would probably find a robot more interesting. The end result is a downward spiral of dumb television programmes causing a poorly educated television viewers to become inactive, of low IQ(Intelligence Quotient) and they are all very similar in most respects.

The talented individual is discouraged in a UK, where the masses simply copy each other and there is no innovation of any kind. To sit in front of a television watching stupefying game shows and cookery shows will result in your brain and body losing much of its normal functionality. These viewers need to get out more, preferably into the outdoor fresh air, to lead a more proactive life. I can guarantee their health will improve during very enjoyable outdoor activities away from a television, whose sole purpose in life would appear to ensure and early onset of dementia. The viewers' minds and bodies vegetate watching television shows which require very little brain activity and lead to a sedentary lifestyle with all its accompanying health problems. One of the reasons I write these Blogs is to keep my brain alert and active as part of the multitude of other tasks and interests which I undertake. Life is very busy for me, but I am very rarely bored.

The UK has opted for a low technology, low wage economy which does not provide the UK Government with enough tax revenues to fulfill its spending commitments. Hence, the national debt increases year on year. In these circumstances the UK is vulnerable to being overtaken by countries with more state-of-the-art technology and the simplified tasks of the UK workforce lend themselves to being replaced by robots as employers try to cut costs in order to remain profitable. I think we are already witnessing the beginning of the collapse of the remaining UK industry as the UK steel industry implodes under twin pressures of temporarily low steel prices which has coincided with higher electricity prices as the UK switches to high cost, intermittent Green Energy.

In a low technology UK, there is no way back to profitability for the UK steel industry and plants are closing down at an alarming rate, The situation in the steel industry is being made several orders of magnitude worse by Socialist extremists threatening to nationlise what is left of the UK steel industry, thus frightening off any long term investors. The dramatic left turn by the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) ensures that no long term investor is going to buy into Scottish industry with a virtually Communist SNP threatening nationalisation or at least to have Trade Union domination of the workforce and its management. The antagonistic business environment in Scotland is unlikely to attract any inward investment in the years to come.

The business environment in the rest of the UK is unfriendly to SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprise) and many of the companies, which are in dire need of investment, have a militant, inflexible, low skilled workforce. It is these factors which have reduced the inward investment in the UK to a mere trickle as VCs(Venture Capitalist) place their investments in countries where they are more likely to succeed, rather than invest in the UK where all the odds are stacked against them.

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0933 GMT 15/11/2015 Update: This aerospace news report of cracks in the wing spars of the Lockheed F-35C Lightning II confirms my theory the all-composite wings of military fighters jets may crack under the intense pressure of  afterburner turns of up to 9g, when pilots take extreme avoiding action in the battle zone. I have consistently stated that I do not think the F-35 Lightning II represents good value for money and is, in my opinion, not fit-for-purpose. I think the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon  lightweight, MRCA(Multi Role Combat Aircraft) is a far better aircraft and rebuilt with the latest stand-off missile technology would outperform the F-35 Lighting II in every aspect of its extremely limited specification.

However, I detest single engine military aircraft and I much prefer the Sepecat Jaguar as the best lightweight MRCA(Multi Role Combat Aircraft) ever made. The Sepecat Jaguar, with a technology upgrade and equipped with the latest stand-off missiles, would outperform both the F-35 Lightning II and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The Sepecat Jaguar design can easily be made aircraft carrier ready, with either high thrust conventional jet engines or vectored thrust jet engines, and it already has an aircraft carrier active undercarriage, which can easily be modified, The Sepecat Jaguar is also an easy aircraft to upgrade with stealth materials. I also prefer to build only a two seat variant, which encompasses all roles on air, land and sea and seamless deployment between land bases and aircraft carriers. Offering only the two seat variant of a new build Sepecat Jaguar is cheaper in the long run and reduces the parts inventory significantly.The Sepecat Jaguar is a pilots' dream of a lightweight MRCA.

1444 GMT 22/11/2015 UpdateHere is proof that the Sepecat Jaguar is ready for aircraft carrier deployment. The Sepecat Jaguar only needs a technology update and a switch to salt corrosion resistant components, systems and sub-systems. The Sepecat Jaguar was designed to be a forward deployed CAS(Close Air Support) MRCA(Muti Role Combat Aircraft) it is almost a perfect CAS aircraft aircraft, After an upgrade to state-of-the-art systems and sub-systems the Sepecat Jaguar would be unbeatable, value-for-money, CAS aircraft with aircraft deployment capability. A new build Sepecat Jaguar could be available as a lightweight MRCA to be based on land or on an aircraft carrier or in any kind of forward deployment to rough airfields. As a CAS, lightweight MRCA the new Sepecat Jaguar would out perform any comparable MRCA by a significant margin.

If there are any mothballed Sepecat Jaguars around with a reasonable life left on the airframe, they could be returned to extremely effective service with a partial upgrade to improve performance, such as new engines and updated weapons and navigation systems and made aircraft carrier deployable.. The partially upgraded Sepecat Jaguars could be available for active service in about six moths from the start of an emergency supply contract. The big advantage of the Sepecat Jaguar is the ruggedness of the active undercarriage and airframe, which means you can bang it down on or take off from any rough airfield or aircraft carrier and it already has excellent STOL characteristics. The emergency supply contract for returning any mothballed Sepecat Jaguars to active service would be a useful training exercise to study viability of a new build Sepecat Jaguar with state-ot-the-art TI(Technology Insertion) .

The advantage of the Sepecat Jaguar for the counter-insurgency deployments is its simplicity, reliability, ruggedness and effectiveness in the CAS role,  plus the ability to deploy to forward bases with very short and rough runways. The CR(Combat Raduis) of 564 miles (908 km) is more than adequate and could be significantly improved with a new, more efficient engine. The Sepecat Jaguar is the perfect lightweight MRCA to give CAS to Special Forces on the ground, while simultaneously enforcing a no fly zone over the battlefield and performing a reconnaissance role.

The specialty of the Sepecat Jaguar is a very fast and extremely low, ground attack in the CAS role, in addition to its interdiction and reconnaissance roles.The Sepecat Jaguar is the perfect MRCA for fast and furious, insurgency suppression with rapid deployment to the battle zone. The Sepecat Jaguar already meets the requirements of a lightweight MRCA for CAS of Special Forces on the ground and with a technology upgrade to the state-of-the-art it would be a formidable, best-in-class, lightweight MRCA. The ferry range of the Sepecat Jaguar MRCA is a very satisfactory 2190 miles (3520 km) in its present configuration and the ferry range could also be further improved during the partial technology upgrade of mothballed Sepecat Jaguars or in the new build of this outstanding, lightweight MRCA.

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Note: The partial upgrade of any existing, mothballed Sepecat Jaguar MRCAs and a future new build of the Sepecat Jaguar MRCA will be an extremely useful insurance policy against the Locheed F-35 Lightning II failing to meet the required specification for aircraft carrier based deployments. It is my opinion that an all-composite aircraft will have a very short service life in the extremely, airframe stressing landing and take-off conditions of an aircraft carrier. The Lockheed F-35 will also have to be protected from the harsh weather environment on an aircraft carrier, which precludes the normal parking of the F-35 aircraft on the carrier runway deck, where it would be exposed to the elements and, in particular, salt water over extended periods of time.